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VJ-1204 Cap Head Assy -...
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VJ-1204 Cap Head Assy - DG-41179

Price $15.00
This cap head assembly is suitable for Mutoh VJ-1204 printers. This is the original Mutoh part (number DG-41179). This is the complete capping without the tubes. The capping with the tube is part number KY-14060.
SKU: DG-41179
Manufacturer part number: DG-41179

Colorpainter 64S Ink Pump...
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Colorpainter 64S Ink Pump Assy (SIIT) -...

Price $388.00
This complete ink pump assembly includes the pump unit (U00084117300), the filter assembly (U00076402100) and the pump motor assembly (U00084118400) and is suitable for Seiko Colorpainter 64S and 100S printers. This complete assembly replaces the individual parts which are not available as stand alone parts anymore. This pump assembly is installed on the printer beside the ink bottles. This is the original Seiko part (number U00101646000 replacing number U00084117300).
SKU: U00101646000
Manufacturer part number: U00101646000

JV33 Y Motor Assy (without...
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JV33 Y Motor Assy (without pulley) - E300451

Price $388.00
This Y-Axis Motor Assy without pulley is suitable for Mimaki JV33 series, JV4 series printers. This is the original Mimaki part (number E300451 replacing E300295). The same motor with pulley is available as part number PMOMIJV3303 (Mimaki part number M011924).
SKU: E300451
Manufacturer part number: E300451

JV5 Y-Axis Motor with...
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JV5 Y-Axis Motor with Pulley - M009195

Price $420.00

This carriage Y motor axis with pulley is suitable for Mimaki JV5 printers. This is the original Mimaki part (number M009195). This complete motor includes the pulley. The motor without pulley is also available (part number E300475) but we recommend purchasing the complete motor as it is easier to install.

SKU: M009195
Manufacturer part number: M009195

OEM hp officejet pro 8500a...
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OEM hp officejet pro 8500a printhead

Price $56.00

This is a genuine HP C4900A OEM black & yellow printhead that's guaranteed by the manufacturer to generate optimum print quality and give you maximum productivity.

This genuine HP C4900A OEM printhead will not void your machine's warranty and is backed by the manufacturer guarantee.