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Blue tag Xaar 128/80 W printhead is suitable for a wide range of oil-based, solvent and dye sublimation inks.


Reference: XP12800006

KU: XP12800006

Manufacturer part number: XP12800006
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Compatible with a wide range of oil-based, solvent and dye sublimation inks, the Xaar 128 is extensively used across the coding & marking and wide-format graphics industries. It's a consistent and highly flexible inkjet solution for producing eye-catching marketing media.

This Xaar 128/80W replaces Xaar 126/80 printheads that were discontinued by Xaar.

Product Specifications

  • Tag: Purple tag
  • Active nozzles: 128
  • Print swathe width: 17.4 mm
  • Nozzle pitch: 137.1 μm
  • Nozzle density: 185 npi
  • Drop velocity: 5 m/s
  • Printhead weight: 15.5 g
  • Dimensions: 37.2 x 40.8 x 11.3 mm
  • Drop volume: 80 pl
  • Typical firing frequency: 5.5 kHz

DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES is Xaar Authorised Dealer. Any Xaar Product we sell has a serial number and a 12 months manufacturer warranty.

Printer compatibility

Allsign E-Type
Ampla Digital Targa Plus 1808
Ampla Digital Targa Plus 1812
Ampla Digital Targa Plus 1816
Ampla Digital Targa Plus 2508
Ampla Digital Targa Plus 2512
Ampla Digital Targa Plus 2516
Ampla Digital Targa Plus 3208
Ampla Digital targa-plus-3212
Ampla Digital Targa Plus 3216
DGI SpaceJet SJ-3250P
HP Fresco 3 8C 3200 R
HP Fresco 3 8C 3200 TR
HP Fresco 3 8C 3200 X.PH
Infiniti Challenger FY-3312C
Infiniti Challenger FY-6150
Infiniti Challenger FY-8250
Sun Innovations New Drakar
Sun Innovations New Drakar Pro
Zhongye ZY-7208
Zhongye ZY-7212
Zhongye ZY-7212+
Zhongye ZY-7216
Zhongye ZY-7216+
Zhongye ZY-7224
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