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Autotote: Extrema Reader - 100 DPI, Made in USA Compatible Printhead




Country of Origin: Made in USA.
Rockwell Surface Hardness Rating: 85
Environmental Protection: Resistive Pastes with Gold Circuitry  
Installation: Temperature Settings may need Adjustments

This Printhead is also known by the following Part Numbers: SMP-024-096, SMP024096 & SMP-024-096-25

Our Autotote OEM Compatible Printhead works in the following printer models: Autotote: Extrema Reader

Our Warranty Equals Autotote 's warranty. Our New Autotote compatible thermal printhead is available for shipment worldwide. This is a brand-new Autotote OEM Compatible Printhead. This is not a rebuilt and not a re-manufactured Printhead - BRAND New and Made in the USA.

 Our Thermal Printhead Under Normal Wear

  • An abrasive life of 100 kilometers.
  • A thermal life of 100 million pulses.
  • The resistance in our thermal printhead is consistent up to 330,000 inches.
  • Our printhead is built for a 100% dot duty cycle. Our printhead duty cycle provides you with clarity, print accuracy, and accurate dot reproduction.
  • Dot density up to 100 dpi (4 dpmm)
  • Print speed up to 12 inches (300mm) per second
  • Resistor line location (edge, near edge, etc.) Allows you to print at the edge of your media.
  • Direct thermal or thermal transfer printhead.
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