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Dimatix Samba G3L printhead...
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Dimatix Samba G3L printhead has 1,200 dpi...

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Dimatix Samba G3L printhead has 1,200 dpi native resolution (600 dpi in redundant mode) and a native ink drop size of 2.4 picoliters (pl) delivering outstanding print quality that can jet a wide range of fluids including UV curable and aqueous inks.
Emerald QE-256/10 Printhead
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Emerald QE-256/10 Printhead

Price $1,020.00
The Emerald QE-256/10 AAA printhead combines precise jetting with versatile grayscale operation. Using a durable field proven nozzle plate, its lightweight, thin-profile and configurable design supports a wide range of ink types with broad operational latitude to accommodate variations in jetting properties making this printhead ideal for scanning printer architectures. 10 pL Native Drop Size.